Homemade, crispy, refreshing, delicious, fresh, and unique,

【Picco Polo (Bake Bread King) | National Merchants Joining!】

Join us our franchise fee is only RM655,000!

Do not miss the opportunity as entrepreneurs with us!

The movement restriction order has been extended indefinitely.
Are you still waiting for the opportunity to open? Don’t be so passive anymore!
This “PICCO POLO”, which mainly sells bread and cakes, is now officially inviting investment to join! Absolutely forward you a brand-new opportunity, allowing you to overcome difficulties during the epidemic and explore new paths in the “blue ocean”!

✅ Provide opportunities for entrepreneurs

✅ Help choose a location

✅ Provide machine

✅ Provide training

Friends who are interested in joining “PICCO POLO” please sent us an email to!

If your family and friends are interested, you can share it with them!


【Picco Polo (即烘面包王)| 全国招商加盟中!】



行动管制令无限延期,还在等着机会的来临? 别再这么被动了! 这家主要售卖面包和糕饼的《PICCO POLO (即烘面包王)》现在正式招商加盟中!绝对能给您一个全新的机会,让您在疫情期间也能走出难关,在“蓝海”中找出一条新的道路!

✅ 提供创业的机会

✅ 帮忙选地点

✅ 提供机器

✅ 提供训练

有意加入《PICCO POLO (即烘面包王)》的朋友可以PM管理员!